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This isn't average SHOT LIST! This is exactly what we use to create an awesome video and album of photos!

We feel a video or album of ours isn't completely magical until we've captured all these shots.

This is an insight to the *way* we work - we get into specific cameras angles that we use when we’re shooting certain scenes and give tips on how to make certain moments even more epic!

This is a 14 page digital booklet with a printable shot list at the end so you can tear out and take with you to weddings!

This guide is split into the following sections:
- Getting Ready + Grooming
- Ceremony
- Confetti
- Reception
- Couple Shots
- Group Shots
- Table Setting
- Cake Cutting
- First Dance
- Night

We go into detail about the exact camera angles and emotions we capture use during each of the above categories! And with each section comes a TIP! - We give helpful tips you can learn and even suggest to your couples!

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